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What is SEO Services

What is SEO services – if you’re a business owner or manager of a business, chances are you’ve heard about SEO (and had 300 emails a week about it). You may have some idea of the definition, but you probably don’t understand it or what it can really do for you.

What is SEO services, any SEO Services

Before you can recognize the need for any SEO services, you must know how it will benefit you and dispel some of the many myths that surround the subject.

SEO or search engine optimization is a method of marketing which helps a website appear more often in search results and higher within them.

Some of the work done for SEO is accomplished behind the scenes (technical SEO) others aspects have nothing to do with the actual website (off-page SEO) and the solid work is done on the actual website (on-page).

​The reason SEO is around and so popular is because it helps business websites or any page get more attention thus more sales / business leads.

It can increase traffic because more people know about the site (organically ranking higher). What a lot of people miss is the fact that not only is SEO about getting the website higher in the search engines, but it’s also about making the site work for the visitors so they keep coming back and buy.

SEO is a huge business

SEO is a huge business. Companies are willing to pay big money and devote an entire portion of their marketing budget to SEO. Why? Because it works. SEO done right can help a business grow and beat out any of the competition.

As more consumers research and shop online, having a strong presence with a website is now essential. It’s the reason SEO marketers are trying to win your business (mainly with Spammy emails!)

Even if you choose to hire an SEO company to handle your online marketing, you should have a basic understanding of what’s going on and what is SEO services.

For one thing, it will help ensure you hire someone who is qualified in this realm. It will also enable you to tell when what they’re doing is working and make changes for what doesn’t work.

​A search engine will go through or “crawl” a website’s pages to learn what it’s about. It holds all these pages in a database.

When a user performs a search, the search engine will immediately determine which pages are most relevant and return them in the search results. The goal of these search engines when a user inputs a search term is to provide the correct answer quickly.

​The search engines will compile information about each site and every page. They use algorithms to assign the pages a rank based on relevance and popularity. There are hundreds of factors in the algorithm which determines how a page ranks.

​SEO experts strive to figure out these factors and help a website rank better by employing certain tactics that the search engines like (white hat SEO) and on-page optimisation.

They spend a lot of time performing tests, reading up on the latest data and reviewing analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.

SEO is constantly changing. You may hear about the latest Google changes, which often has everyone scrambling around to make the website rank as high as it was before thus not losing traffic and sales.

The impact to businesses can be minor or significant depending on what they are currently doing with their website.

Ask anyone what SEO is all about, and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers. One of the most popular will be the use of keywords in your content.

Another person might say that it’s about linking to the right sites. Still another person might suggest it’s about adding more content to the pages. Someone else will go far out to say that maybe it’s about the design of the website and not just the content.

The answer is “all of the above”. SEO is comprised of many aspects to a website and brand, and it is often complicated.

This is one reason the average person struggles with achieving a high rank because they may not realize what they’re doing wrong. Even if they change one component, it may not help their site to rank better because it was not the problem.

How SEO Helps Businesses

Gone are the days when a business can “sell” to a customer by telling them why they should buy their product or use their service. Consumers are intelligent enough to figure out what they want on their own and often resent the direct sell. Instead, they will do research and learn about a product or company.

They do much of this research is online even if they will make the final purchase in person.

​Consumers also value information, and they look at those who provide it as authorities. When they are ready to “close the deal,” they often return to the website where they got their information in the first place.

A business that establishes itself as an authority is seen as a trusted resource. However, no one will ever learn what a business is all about if they don’t know it exists.

Much of the time, this happens through searches when a business ranks on the first page of search results (over 80% of people never go onto page two of google).

SEO helps those businesses end up at the top of searches for the users who are looking for what they provide. In a nutshell, SEO can mean the difference between your business growing and thriving or just barely surviving.

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